Underwater Coach & Safety Diver

Since 2014, I've been supporting actors, stunt performers, and various artists in their film and art projects as a coach for underwater shoots. Underwater film recordings and photoshoots require special preparation. Leveraging my skills as a Freediving and Scuba Diving Instructor, along with extensive experience from years of involvement in underwater shoots, I can quickly identify the performers' needs and conduct targeted training with them. On the day of the shoot, I serve on-site as a safety diver, providing the necessary support for the performers to execute their performances with confidence. Trust in the safety diver is particularly crucial for performers in challenging underwater scenes. In close collaboration with the Actionsport Tauchzentrale Tiefenrausch in Berlin, the in-house pool is available for training, shoots, and photoshoots. Whether it's a music video in the pool or larger film productions, I'm here to advise you and offer my experience and diving skills. I also provide private training for artists who wish to perform underwater or need to prepare for underwater scenes.

Feel free to reach out to me directly, and we can discuss the possibilities for your project. Email: [email protected]

Languages: German & English.

Contributions to Film & Projects

  • Art Project, Marie Jeschke - underwater painting: Coach, Safety Diver
  • Performance, Florentina Holzinger - Kranetude: Safety Diver
  • Performance, Johanna Keimeyer - just breathe: Coach, Safety Diver
  • Eine Million Minuten: Coach for actor
  • Musikvideo Anna Loos - Mauern: Safety Diver
  • Musikvideo Wincent Weiss - Auf den Grund: Coach, Safety Diver
  • Hauke Haiens Tod: Coach for actors
  • Meerjungfrauen weinen nicht: Coach for actor, Safety Diver
  • Tartort Berlin: Boat Driver, Safety Diver
  • Then you run: Boat Driver, Safety Diver
  • The Dive: Under Water Crew
  • Souls (Sky-Series): Coach for actors
  • KAWAI Commercial: Coach, Safety Diver
  • Uncharted: Coach for Actor and Double, Safety Diver
  • Without Remorse: Safety Diver, Stunt Team
  • Undine: Coach for actors, Safety Diver, Stunt Team
  • Charlie's Angels: Coach for ators, Safety Diver, Stunt Team
  • Tides (Haven: Abouv Sky): Coach for actors, Safety Diver, Stunt Team, Double
  • Audi Commercial: Coach, Safety Diver
  • Sony Commercial: Safety Diver