Performance Training

This personal training is designed for artists, actors, doubles and camera operators to develop skills for underwater projects and movie scenes. The training session will be adjusted to your specific needs. Classroom training is combined with an in-water practice session to provide you with all the knowledge and skills necessary for your underwater project. You will prepare yourself to dive not only using your lungs but also how to use air underwater for breathing if desired. During the in-water session, you will experience the mammalian dive reflex and the urge to breathe. Learn how to prepare for your dive with relaxed breathing. It is challenging to act and perform underwater. Experience how you can move your body and learn how to work with the resistance of water. Recognize that your body has different states of buoyancy depending on the air in your lungs, water depths, extra weight, and how it changes in three-dimensional space. Develop confidence, tranquility, and gain knowledge on how your brain and body work underwater.

Your personal training includes dry training methods to further develop your breath-hold. Submerge yourself without any help and feel the incredible sensation of freedom and connection with the water!

Explore contributions to film and art projects here.

Feel free to reach out to me directly, and we can discuss the possibilities for your training. Email: [email protected]

Languages: German & English.



previous knowledge

  • none

previous knowledge

  • 18 years old
  • know how to swim
  • be able to equalization your ears under pressure

included in the offer

  • pool entrance fee
  • rental equipment for in-water session
  • theory session
  • in-water sessions
  • breathing technique
  • underwater skill training
  • dry training methods
  • freediving & scuba instructor supervision

number of participants

  • 1 person/personal training


  • 50 cent for the shower
  • if desired video recording 10€

don't forget

  • extra towel or yoga mat
  • something to drink
  • clouthes you may want to wear under water

time table

  • 3 Stunde


Feel free to reach out to me directly, and we can discuss the possibilities for your training. Email: [email protected]