Freediver Course

Learn the art of freediving and explore the underwater world.

Our SSI Freediver Course experience is your gateway into the peaceful and exhilarating world of freediving. Enjoy yourself as you master the skill of diving using only your lungs. Discover the essentials of breathing, breath-hold, and freediving techniques. Throughout your SSI Freediver Course, you'll learn how to freedive safely with a buddy in both confined and open water environments. Experience the mammalian dive reflex and the urge to breathe. Mastering breathing and relaxation techniques is key to extending your breath-holding capabilities.

Classroom training is combined with five in-water practice sessions, providing you with all the skills and knowledge necessary for your entry into the world of freediving.

Immerse yourself and feel the incredible sensation of freedom and connection with the water!

The language used during the course is English



previous knowledge

  • none


  • 18 years old
  • know how to swim (200m)
  • snorkeling basics are helpfull

included in the offer

  • digital e-learning in English
  • classroom training
  • 5 in-water practice sessions
  • breathing technique
  • freediving skill training
  • static, dynamic and deep freediving
  • duck dive
  • equalization
  • freediving instructor supervision
  • rental equipment for freediving
  • dive insurance
  • SSI Freediver certivication

number of participants

  • 4 person


  • 10€ per day at the lake
  • 50 cent for the shower (pool)
  • approach to the lake (you can reach the lakes by public transportation)

don't forget

  • extra towel or yoga mat
  • something to drink and to eat for the day
  • warm and cosy clothes between the dives

time table

  1. day one 6pm - 10pm theory and pool session Tauchzentrale Kreuzberg Pool
  2. day two 11am -5pm at the lake Glienicker See Tauchbasis Glienickersee
  3. day three 10am - 5pm at the lake Straussee 1A Tauchbasis Straussee


  • 05.07.2024
  • 16.08.2024